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Eggs Are A Star of Breakfast Camping Recipes
By Tom Ambrozewicz

Breakfast camping recipes can be as quick and simple as you want, or you can prepare a large feast for your entire family or group of campers.

Depending on the type of equipment you have, you can make a quick breakfast sandwich that doesn't even require a campfire, or you can prepare a dutch oven egg bake that can feed six or more people.

Eggs are a morning favorite, and many breakfast camping recipes include eggs as the main ingredient.

Egg breakfasts make a great energy-providing meal that will fuel you throughout your day outdoors.

Egg breakfast camping recipes are also a great choice for the campground since the number of eggs can easily be altered to feed as many or as few people as you desire.

Here are some tips to make your camp cooking breakfast egg dishes as good as they can be.

Add a little water to your eggs when you whip them up, or some milk if you have that available. This will make your eggs extra fluffy.

When scrambling eggs, be sure to stir constantly to avoid burning them.

Also, if you are using a dutch oven to bake an egg dish, be careful to monitor the temperature of the dutch oven and not burn the bottom of the eggs. Burnt eggs will ruin the taste of your entire dish.

Be creative and try your favorite ingredients with your egg dishes. Including vegetables such as green peppers or mushrooms will make your egg breakfast healthy and tasty.

To avoid bringing extra cooking equipment with you to the campsite and to skip any timely preparation, whip your eggs before you leave home and store them in a portable container.

Breakfast camping recipes, including egg breakfast dishes, can be found online.

Taking a quick peek at some easy breakfast camping recipes before you set out on your camping trip will allow you to have some tasty dishes in mind and ready to prepare on a hungry morning.

Bringing along the right ingredients, you can prepare an adequate breakfast in just minutes. If you would like to avoid taking with you bulky cooking equipment, try breakfast camping recipes that are simple sandwiches but will still provide you with a warm meal.

For example, to prepare a hot breakfast bagel, all you need is some aluminum foil.

Open up a bagel and add your favorite deli meat, such as smoked turkey.

Top with cheese, close the bagel, and wrap in aluminum foil.

Placing the wrapped bagel near the campfire will produce a warm sandwich with melted cheese, perfect for a camping breakfast.

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