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7 Essential Pieces of Camping Gear
By Adrian Adams

If you are planning to go on a camping trip, you will want to make sure that you take along all the appropriate camping gear you will need.

Forgetting an essential piece of camping gear can lead to a miserable and even disastrous camping trip.

The following are some essential gear that you need to be sure to pack for a great camping trip.

#1 - Sleeping Bag -
One of the most important pieces of camping gear that you will need is a sleeping bag.

Sleep is a very important part of your trip and you will want to be sure that you do not end up sleeping on the cold ground with the bugs and other crawling things.

Before you leave on your trip, be sure that you check the sleeping bag off your essential pieces of gear.

#2 - Food -
Unless you want to go hungry or scrounge for food on your camping trip, you better remember to pack the food you are going to eat. Make sure you take food that will not need to be refrigerated and will provide you with plenty of energy on your camping trip.

#3 - Water -
Water is another essential piece of camping gear that you will need on any camping expedition. Remember that it is always unsafe to drink out of rivers and streams, so you need to be sure that you bring your own water along.

Humans need water to survive, so if you want to survive your camping trip without having stop for a trip home or to a store, be sure that you have the water you need.

#4 - Tent -
When you go camping, you never know what kind of weather may be coming your way. It is always important to have a tent with you so you can have protection against any weather that you run into.

There are different sizes and styles of tents that you can choose from, depending on your needs, but make sure that you have one along.

#5 - Flashlight -
At least part of the time that you are camping, you will be in the dark, and more than likely there will be no electricity readily available. While a campfire will provide some light, you may need light in your tent or if you have to go off into the woods after dark.

Make sure that you take a durable flashlight that will withstand the rain, and you may even want to pack extra batteries just in case you need them.

#6 - First Aid Kit -
Before you go out into the wild, you need to make sure that you are prepared for anything that can happen, and you never know when an accident can happen when you are camping.

Be sure that you take a first aid kit with you in case anyone gets scratched, cut, or seriously injured. While it is best to prevent accidents from happening, it is always wise to be prepared.

#7 - Knife -
Another very important piece of camping gear to take with you is a good knife. Knives are very versatile and can be used for a variety of things like cutting food, opening packages, or even filleting fish if you decide to go fishing.

These are just a few essential items that you should take along with you as part of your camping gear. While there are many other things that you may want to take along, make sure that you put these seven things at the top of your list!

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