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6 Top Tips to Freshen up a Motorhome
By Barbara Jeffers

So you've brought a new 'used' motorhome, it's in great working order but smells a little musty, what can be done to make it your own.

As a first time motorhome owner, I brought a Renault Traffic Romance, that was over 20 years old, the engine was sound, the body work ropy and the inside musty, it was all I could afford.

However when I sold it a few years later the buyer said it was lovely to see a van of this age that smelt so fresh.

1) Sort out leaks in the body work. In my van, I was dismayed to find mould growing behind where the table was stored, this had been scrubbed when I saw the van but came back quickly. The root cause was traced to a small rusty hole in the roof that let in a gradual drip. The metal was cut back beyond the rust and using a mesh underneath I built it back up and painted it.

2) Check the seals on the windows and the roof light. You can usually reseal the roof light with sealant, but if the window seals are perishing you may need to consider replacing these.

3) The obvious tip - wash everything you can in the washing machine. Take down all the curtains and put in the washing machine. Likewise for any cushion covers. Make sure these are completely dry before returning to the van.

4) Steam clean. I have a cheap steam cleaner that I brought many years ago, but you can hire one. As well as cleaning the carpets and fixed furnishings, you can also clean the cooker from decades of dirt and are great for killing of mould and moving dirt from corners. I even used it on the lino floor rather than scrubbing.

5) Empty and clean all the holding tanks.

6) Crush some rosemary and lavender using a pestle and mortar and place in a jar. Pierce some holes in the lid. Shake a little of the contents on to the carpets before vacuuming.

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