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Outdoor Camping Equipment
By Dominic Ferrara

I have been outdoor rock climbing for years. Finding the right rock climbing equipment is pretty easy after you get used to it. There are so many people who review rock climbing equipment, and so many respectable sources in the area, that you can pretty easily learn what you need to take with you.

Ironically, however, outdoor camping equipment is a little bit harder to find. Because camping gear is a little bit less specialized, you would expect it to be easier to pick out.

You would expect there to be many different kinds of outdoor camping equipment that fit the bill. In reality, however, because it is less specialized there is a greater diversity of opinion.

If you have never picked out outdoor camping gear before, you will probably be dazzled by the variety of options. Unfortunately, not all of these options will work.

The first time I took camping equipment outdoor on a rock climbing trip, I found this out the hard way.

You see, I had decided to take no risks at all. I got the best outdoor camping equipment for rock climbing that I could find – or at least what I thought was the best. I got a very well made tent that was certified for Arctic conditions.

I bought a mummy style sleeping bag, and a lot of other survival outdoor camping equipment. Unfortunately, I made all of the wrong choices. Although the outdoor camping equipment that I got was really good, it was completely inappropriate for the purpose. It was too heavy, too hot, and too bulky. Having the wrong outdoor camping equipment on a rock climbing trip can be very dangerous.

Every spare pound that you are carrying counts, so taking too much stuff up with you is always a bad idea. I learned the hard way the pitfalls of picking out the wrong outdoor climbing equipment.

This is why you should always pick out outdoor climbing equipment with the help of an expert in the area. If you are just taking an overnight in a place that is easy to get to, mild, and close to civilization, it doesn't matter. You should use whatever outdoor camping equipment you can scrape together.

You won't have to worry about having the best stuff. If, however, you are going on a serious outdoor adventure, you should do some serious planning. When you're in the middle of the woods, remember, you can't go to back to the outfitter to get more stuff.

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