Personal Grooming While Camping

How to Take Care of Personal Grooming While Camping

By Vince Platania

Many people love to get away from their daily routines and get back to nature. Camping, fishing and hunting trips are popular ways to have a great time and relax for a few days.

Others don’t like to give up the luxuries of home and will not want to go without them. It is a good idea to take the right cleaning supplies with you while you are camping so that you can keep a clean campsite.

You can also take along some things for making the campsite as sanitary and pleasant as possible.

If you are taking a recreational vehicle on your camping trip you can stock it up with the right supplies to make the vacation as sanitary and clean as possible. You will want to take along products that will not take up too much room in the small space of the camper. There are also some personal grooming tips that you can use to make your camping trip pleasant.

You can find a large selection of travel size or smaller size grooming tools to bring with you on your trip. These will not take up a great deal of space in your camper and still allow you to have everything you need. You will want some brushes to clean the dirt and grime that may get under your nails while you are roughing it in the woods. Make sure that you have a brush to soothe your aching feet after a hard day of hiking in the woods.

A soap that is heavy duty and uses an orange based cleaner is perfect for cleaning dirty hands while on vacation in the woods. Make sure you have a good antibacterial soap in your kitchen so that you can keep your hands clean while you are handling fish and game. A moisturizer is good for all of the cleaning your hands will undergo on your camping trip.

A small bottle of hand sanitizer for when you go on fishing expeditions is essential. You can keep this right in your pocket for when you need it. Keep a cleaner for your sunglasses with you and you will be all set for a day of fishing and fun in the woods.

You can also get an all purpose cleaner to keep your camper clean as well as the dishes. You will need a cleaner to wash your clothes and your surfaces in the camper. Don’t forget the sponges and towels you will need to use the cleaning products.

Keep sanitizing wipes in the bathroom of your camper. This will let you keep your bathroom spick and span with just a few wipes of the cleaner. If you keep up with the cleaning once or twice a day, your bathroom will be sparkly clean. You will also need a place to dispose of the cleaning wipes properly. Make sure there is a trash receptacle that will serve this purpose along with a supply of trash bags.

A dustpan and broom will keep the dirt out of your camper and in the woods where it belongs. Make sure you find one that won’t take up too much space in the camper. You can also bring along a mop for quick clean ups on your trip.

This is just a small list of the items you should be sure to bring on your camping trip. Choose items that won’t take up too much space in the small confines of a camper and you will hardly even know they are there.

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