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Baden to Burleigh Falls

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Baden to Burleigh Falls

Nith River Gardens
4417 Wilmot Easthope Rd.
Baden, Ontario
N3A 3S8

Contact: Manager
Phone: (519) 662-3784
More Info: Nith River Campgrounds

Bensfort Bridge Resort
RR 1, Box 99
Bailieboro, Ontario
K0L 1B0

Contact: Doug and Jenni Greyer
Phone: (705) 939-6515
More Info: Bensfort Bridge Resort

Maplewood Acres RV Park
#21848 Concession 3 Rd.
Bainsville, Ontario
K0C 1E0

Contact: Manager
Phone: (613) 347-2130
More Info: Maplewood Acres RV Park

Gullwing Lake Park
PO Box 215
Bala, Ontario
K0A 1B0

Contact: Larry Fernley & Deborah Hipel
Phone: (705) 762-3737
More Info:

Bala Woodlands Tent & Trailer Park
1160 Cranberry Road, Bala
Ontario P0C 1A0

Contact: Manager
Phone: (866) 657-BALA
Fax: (705) 762-4165
More Info: Bala Woodlands Tent & Trailer Park

Lyndhurst Golf & Trailer Park
Highway 48 - 24198
Baldwin, Ontario
L0E 1A0

Contact: Joe & Michael Klesitz
Phone: (905) 722-8583
Fax: (905) 722-4656
More Info: Lyndhurst Golf and Trailer Park

Bancroft Campground
98 Bird Lake Rd.
RR 2 Bancroft, Ontario
K0L 1C0

Contact: Christina & Greg Powell
Phone: (877) 404-4160
Fax: (613) 332-8155
More Info: Bancroft Campground

Bancroft Tent & Trailer Camp
27366 Hwy. 62 South
Bancroft, Ontario
K0L 1C0

Contact: Manager
Phone: (613) 332-2183
More Info: Bancroft Tent & Trailer Camp

Homestead Trailer Park Ltd.
Box 10
RR 2 Bancroft, Ontario
K0L 1C0

Contact: John & Helen Doomernik
Phone: (613) 339-2500
Fax: (613) 339-2001
More Info: Homestead Trailer Park

Little Mississippi Trails
97 Thaeter Lane
Bancroft, Ontario
K0L 1C0

Contact: Manager
Phone: (613) 332-5106
Fax: (613) 332-5106
More Info: Little Mississippi Trails

River Bend Park
50 York River Drive
RR 2 Bancroft, Ontario
K0L 1C0

Contact: John & Helen Chicoski
Phone: (613) 332-1502
More Info: River Bend Park

Barrie K O A Campground
3138 Penetanguishene
Barrie, Ontario
L4M 4Y8

Contact: Tony & Amy Raposo
Phone: (705) 726-6128
More Info: Barrie KOA Campground

Barry's Bay
Chippawa Cottage Resort
RR 1
Barrys Bay, Ontario
K0J 1B0

Contact: Donald & Janet
Phone: (613) 756-2703
More Info: Chippawa Cottage Resort

Barry's Bay
Sunny Hill Resort
531 Sunny Hill Road
Barrys Bay, Ontario
K0J 1B0

Contact: Manager
Phone: (613) 756-2640
Fax: (613) 756-1280
More Info: Sunny Hill Resort

Batchawana Bay
Sunset Shores Resort
10243 Hwy. 17 N.
Batchawana Bay, Ontario
P0S 1A0

Contact: Manager
Phone: (705) 882-2231
Fax: (705) 882-1174
More Info: Sunset Shores Resort

UEL Heritage Centre
54 Adolphustown Park
Bath, Ontario
K0H 1G0

Contact: Manager
Phone: (613) 373-2196
More Info: UEL Heritage Centre & Park

Bluewater Golf Course & Campground
77416 Bluewater Highway
RR 1 Bayfield, Ontario
N0M 1G0

Contact: Manager
Phone: (519) 482-7197
Fax: (519) 482-7715
More Info: Bluewater Golf Course & Campground

Paul Bunyan Campground
75559 Lidderdale Rd.
PO Box 46, Bayfield, Ontario
N0M 1G0

Contact: Manager
Phone: (519) 565-5355
Fax: (519) 565-5355
More Info: Paul Bunyan Campground

Pine Lake Campground
77794 Orchard Line, Box 62
RR 1 Bayfield, Ontario
N0M 1G0

Contact: Manager
Phone: (519) 482-3380
Fax: (519) 482-9701
More Info: Pine Lake Campground

The Old Homestead
35248 Bayfield River Road
Bayfield, Ontario
N0M 1G0

Contact: Manager
Phone: (519) 482-9256
Fax: (519) 482-5949
More Info: The Old Homestead

Belle River
Rochester Place Resort Inc.
981-991 County Rd. 2
PO Box 8, Belle River, Ontario
N0R 1A0

Contact: Manager
Phone: (519) 728-2361
Fax: (519) 728-2693
More Info: Rochester Place Resort Inc.

Highland Pines Campground &
RV Sales

RR 1 Belwood
Ontario N0B 1J0

Contact: Manager
Phone: (519) 843-2537
Fax: (519) 843-4151
More Info: Highland Pines Campground & RV Sales

Bent River
Bent River Campground
3051 Hwy. 141 W
Bent River, Ontario
P0B 1M0

Contact: Manager
Phone: (705) 769-1064
More Info: Bent River Campground

Tower Manor Lodge
5194 Manor Rd.
Box 111, RR 2 Bewdley, Ontario
P0B 1M0

Contact: Manager
Phone: (905) 342-2078
Fax: (905) 342-2801
More Info: Tower Manor Lodge

Blind River
Maciver's Mississauga Motel & Camp
Blind River, Ontario
P0R 1B0

Contact: Manager
Phone: (705) 356-7411
More Info: Maciver's Motel & Campground Ltd.

Bell Haven Trailer Park
523 City Rd. 36 N
RR 3 Bobcaygeon, Ontario
K0M 1A0

Contact: Doug & Susan Pepper
Phone: (705) 738-6162
Fax: (705) 738-6613
More Info: Bell Haven Trailer Park

Lilac Lodge Trailer Park Ltd.
2806 Pigeon Lake
Bobcaygeon, Ontario
K0M 1A0

Contact: Manager
Phone: (705) 738-2850
Fax: (705) 738-2850
More Info: Lilac Lodge Trailer Park Ltd.

Pigeon Hollow Park
497 County Rd. 36
RR 3Bobcaygeon, Ontario
K0M 1A0

Contact: Manager
Phone: (905) 943-7657
Fax: (905) 475-7704
More Info: Pigeon Hollow Park

Bobs Lake
Sunset Country Campground Inc.
41 Riders Lane
Bob's Lake, Ontario
K0H 2V0

Contact: Manager
Phone: (613) 375-6649
More Info:

Woodland Lake Camp & RV Resort
6710 Line 46
RR 1 Bornholm, Ontario
N0K 1A0

Contact: Manager
Phone: (519) 347-2315
Fax: (519) 347-2664
More Info: Woodland Lake Camp & RV Resort

Bonnie Lake Camground
Box 1464
Bracebridge, Ontario
P1L 1V5

Contact: Paula Stephani
Phone: (705) 645-4511
Fax: (705) 646-2244
More Info: Bonnie Lake Campground

Muskoka Ridge Trailer Park
1005 Stephen's Bay Road
Box 97, Bracebridge, Ontario
P1L 1T5

Contact: Manager
Phone: (705) 646-1259
Fax: (705) 646-2054
More Info: Muskoka Ridge Trailer Park Ltd.

Whispering Pines Trailer Park

1623 Golden Beach Rd.
Bracebridge, Ontario
P1L 1W8

Contact: Manager
Phone: (705) 645-5682
More Info: Whispering Pines Trailer Park

Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park & Camp
Hwy 400 & 88
Bradford, Ontario

Contact: Gary O'Rourke
Phone: (905) 775-1377
Fax: (905) 775-1391
More Info: Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park

Point of Mara Resort & Trailer Park
2268 Lakeshore Drive
Box 71, Brechin
Ontario L0K 1B0

Contact: Doug & Chris Reid
Phone: (705) 484-5866
Fax: (705) 484-5866
More Info: Point of Mara Resort & Trailer Park

Brighton Shores Summer Estates
116 Cedardale Rd.
PO Box 903, Brighton
Ontario K0K 1H0

Contact: Susie Wake & Dave Dingle
Phone: (613) 475-3304
More Info: Brighton Shores Summer Estates

River Haven Resort
146 Magnetwawan River Rd.
RR 1
Britt, Ontario
P0G 1A0

Contact: Manager
Phone: (704) 383-2426
More Info: River Haven Resort

Rock Bottom Get A Way
1587 Riverside Drive
P.O. Box 42 Britt
Ontario P0G 1A0

Contact: Darlene or Bill
Phone: (416) 859-3168
More Info:

Buckhorn Narrows Resort Ltd.
Box 99
Buckhorn, Ontario
K0L 1J0

Contact: Manager
Phone: (705) 657-8802
Fax: (705) 657-2262
More Info: Buckhorn Narrows Resort Ltd.

Little Austria Family Trailer Park
RR 3
Burford, Ontario
N0E 1A0

Contact: Helmuth & Fini Jaeger
Phone: (519) 449-5612
More Info: Little Austria Trailer Park

Burks Falls
Duins Pineridge Resort
Pickerel Lake Road, Ontario
P0A 1C0

Contact: Owner
Phone: (705) 382-2027
Fax: (705) 382-0361
More Info: Duins Pineridge Resort

Burk's Falls
Ye Old Cutter Camp
400 Ontario Street North
Burks Falls
P0A 1C0

Contact: Calveena & Leonard
Phone: (705) 382-9252
More Info:

Burleigh Falls
Lovesick Lake Park Inc.
Highway 28, Burleigh Falls
K0L 1K0

Contact: Manager
Phone: (705) 654-3587
Fax: (705) 654-4850
More Info: Lovesick Lake Park

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